Introduction: Kano Tablet by Muhammad AlGahtani

This is my science fair project by Muhammad AlGahtani, The Kano Tablet is mostly targeted towards kids as the first step towards learning to code and then using the code in order to make new and exciting things. You can make a lot of programs including games, new Minecraft puzzles and features, media centers, and more.

Step 1: Video About the Kano Tablet

Step 2: Why I Chose This Area of Science

I chose this area of science because it can inspire the science community by technology. And can bring lots of positive features to the world that could be helpful.

Step 3: The Problem or Challenge

There were many problems to try to build this tablet which was:

Finding the correct pieces. Testing and fixing with a very high chance that it could be ruined.

Step 4: The Hypothesis (or Prediction)

If I connect the power cable to the raspberry pi 3 will it work?

Step 5: Research

I researched about how to build this tablet and found an easy step by step video of how to make it. I had after all no trouble of making the tablet.

Step 6: Experiment Data

It took me 40 minutes of research, 5 minutes of collecting Parts for the Tablet, 30 minutes to build the tablet, and finally 20 minutes of testing and fixing until it’s finally done.

Step 7: My Discoveries

What I learnt after testing was:

Always keep the power off while I am working since it could cause a huge risk that I could get hurt. Never put pressure on the raspberry pi 3.

Step 8: Conclusion

Unfortunately my hypothesis was negative if you connect the power cable to the raspberry pi 3 it will not work. But I still have learnt something new.

Step 9: What Will I Do Next?

I might build a computer instead of tablet for the next science fair.