Introduction: Karambit Knife CS:Go Build It With Popscile Sticks

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Are you a Counter Strike Global Offensive steam player ? Then you might need this or you might wandering of having one like this in your hand. So I m here with this new simple Instructable . In this Instructable I gonna sharing of my home built Karambit Knife. so let's get started.

Step 1: Gather Below Things

To build this simple knife you need these materials
1. Hundred's of smooth Popscicle sticks.
2. White Glue. (fevicol)
3. Metallic Ruler.
4. Marker or pencil.
5. Utility knife or the one I have used was Dremel, it's super fast, you can finish your thing out in a day if you have one dremel like me. or you can use that cutting knife which is easy to scrap popscile sticks.
6. Spray paint or acrylic paints.(black and silver ).
7. Sand papers of different values.
8. Some metallic clips which can hold the glued things tight in place.
Nothing more.

Step 2: Get the Karambit of Your Choice

search on google images for "Karambit Knife" you get many out thr but I prefer using the one which is more clearer. like above one. I have used that for mine. And print it on a A4 paper and remember Don't print it as landscape mode. go for portrait and get small image of total length approx 15cm.

Step 3: Making Popscicle Bed. 1

Keep the popscicle stick on your print out horizontally and keep as in fig. you need to place one after the other and make sure you won't overlap one another as in image. In my case I need 5 sticks to completely cover the image. if you have some large sticks then you might need 3 or 4 to cover.

Step 4: Making Popscicle Bed. 2

Cut 2 popscicle sticks as in the picture. and one stick in half.And place them as in pictures and glue them. Don't forget to place a half cut piece in middle of 2nd layer. And make one more of same by placing a full length stick with half one at 2nd layer.And once the glue dries you can proceed to next step. Then trim the edges of both beds on either side but not to trim out the excess stick which is sticking out as in image we need that . and then apply some glue to that stick, insert that stick onto the other bed's middle layer gap. That should fit fine . And glue them both. use some clips or any kind of plane loads like books over the bed to make a perfect bond.

Step 5: Carving With the Dremel or Utility Knife

once you're done with the bed cut out the print stencil and stick that onto your final formed bed and once it dries then start cutting out excess materials. And get the Karambit one like me in picture.

Step 6: Finishing the Karambit

Add 2 more sticks to the handle part as in fig. on either sides of handle. Remove excess materials and using the sand paper make the blade thinner and use a driller or dremel or any other tool which can make a hole and use it to drill a hole on the handle at dead end . Sand the surface to perfection, sand at the portion of finger grip to look more realistic. And use spray paint to finish it. use silver for blade and end ring hole and black for the handle. My paints are not yet arrived. I Wil upload the painted knife soon after the paints arrive .
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