Introduction: Kate's Scented Bath Salts

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A nice, scented treat for your bath.

Step 1: What You Need...

A packet of Dead Sea salt, four Nutella (or similar) jars (contents eaten by Kate and her sister!--jars washed and dried later), food colouring, essential oils (lavender--available at natural health stores or chemist shops).

What to do: measure out enough salt to fill four jars. Kate picked blue, red and yellow food dyes and then coloured each of three jars in turn. You then make alternate layers of coloured salts in each Nutella jar until it reaches the top. You add the essential oil, a few drops is enough, to each of the colours before you make the layers. The small size of Nutella jar has a plastic push-on lid and the larger has a screw-on lid. It's up to you what size you use, but the small size is also a very handy drinking glass, as it has no threads for a screw cap.

Step 2: The End Result this very attractive jar of bath salts. Kate also put a stick-on label on top of each lid to identify the contents and hide the Nutella name on the lid!

It's a nice, neat job; smells lovely and makes a very nice gift.

maker: Kate Bevan, with a little help from Mam and Dad.