Introduction: Katy Perry

                                                        DIY- "Baby Your A Firework" Costume
  1. Old Leotard
  2. Hard Candy( Peppermints,Lollipops)
  3. Any old pair of shoes(with heals)
  4. Hair dye/Chalk/or Blue Wig
  5. Fake Blue Eyelashes
  6. Old Material (pink,blue,purple,green) to make Tu-tu
  7. Cardboard , glitter, glue, glue gun
The Top (Leotard)
I took peppermint candies, lollipops, and hard cupcake shaped candies and hot-glued them onto an old Leotard. I then took some  decorated pin striped cellophane and folded it into a 3D flower shape and .then hot glued it onto Leotard
The Bottom (Tu-Tu)
Took tulle material and and tied it onto ribbon to make Tu-tu.

Step 3: Hair & Face
Used a blue wig and glued  some big  blue eye lashes on.

Step 4: Bought a glittery blue microphone from the $1 store.


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