Katy Perry Cupcake Bra

Introduction: Katy Perry Cupcake Bra

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Katy Perry is a fun fearless fashionista known for her music and over the top outfits. This D.I.Y. Cupcake Bra was inspired by the one Katy wore for the music video "California Gurls". 

For $20 or less, you can easily achieve this look yourself. The cupcakes are not real!!They are made from items you can get at any local hardware store for super cheap. I adapted the faux cupcake recipe from fellow instractabler shortone and you can see the original 'ible here.

For Katy's original cupcake bra, they used jumbo cupcake liners. I could't find any jumbo sized liners at my local supply store, but if you want oversized cupcakes which fill out the whole bra, use should probably use a jumbo liner. If you're more petite and short like I am then a regular sized liner will work just fine. 

Helpful tip- **Use acetone to remove any surface areas that have been affected by expansion foam**

Katy Perry Inspired Cupcake Bra 

For the Cupcakes: 

Muffin Pan
Cupcake Liners ( preferably Jumbo)
Plastic bag to cover muffin pan
Rubber gloves
Expansion Foam

For the Faux Frosting

Lightweight Spakel
Martha Stewart Holographic Glitter
Glue Gun
2 Red Pom poms
Blue Bra
Bowl / Spoon
Light Pink Acryalic Paint
Disposable piping bag & tip
Rainbow Sprinkles

For the Cupcakes:

To make the cupcakes, line a muffin tin with a plastic bag. The expansion foam is really sticky. Put on your rubber gloves. Put the cupcake liners in each mold and fill each one half way. They will rise on their own like cupcakes would in an oven. I filled mine a little to much which is no big deal. Once the cupcakes are cured, which shouldn't take longer than a few hours, they are ready to be decorated. I used a bread knife to trim off the excess cupcake from the top and used an all purpose sponge as filler. 

To make the faux Frosting: Mix one jar of lightweight spakel and a few drops of light pink acrylic paint in a bowl. Mix together with a spoon until the color is pink and the mixture is fluffy. There is no need to use an electric mixer. Put the mixture in a disposable piping bag with tip and frost the cupcakes. 

Decorate: Use rainbow sprinkles and holographic glitter ( I love martha's) to decorate the cupcakes. Next add a red pom pom to each cupcake for the cherries. Allow the cupcakes to dry for a few hours or overnight. Lastly, heat up your glue gun and put some glue on the bottom of each cupcake liner. Gently press the cupcake onto the bra until secure. Use more glue as needed. 

This would also make a pretty sexy halloween costume. You can find Katy's matching wig & heart head band at most costume outlets or online. 

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    7 years ago

    Hi! This is a fabulous tutorial, thank you! Question- how heavy are these when finished? I'm planning some aerial circus in it, and wonder if hot glue will be enough to hold them on to the bra. If they're light, no problem!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    With respect................ Good Form !