Introduction: Kawaii Mermaid Clay Charm

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I made this clay charm with air dry clay and polymer clay

Step 1: Materials

Polymer clay

Balling tool


Super glue

Cutting too

Black paint

Step 2: Making the Base

Using air dry clay, make an oval
Make a model of the body and then make a tail
Cut a little piece of the pick and stick it not to the body and head
Glue with super glue

Step 3: Steps

Cover the body in rolled out clay
Roll out a different color clay into a long strip
Put it as a scarf
Add flattened pice as her tail
Add another flattened pice of clay to the tail
Make the hair be rolling out strips of clay and layering them on the head
Place the balling tool into the black paint and make eyes
Bake in the oven

Step 4: Results

Glaze the charm

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