Introduction: Kazoo Coding

This is a nice 3d model of a kazoo made on Tinkercad. You can make one to with this intstructable.


1. One Hand

2. A computer

3. A Mouse (but this is not required)

4. A tinkercad account

Step 1: Get a Tinkercad Account

Go to and make an account by going to join now and click Create a personal account. If you already have a tinkercad account then go to your dashboard and down to codeblocks and make a new codeblock

Step 2: Get a Feel of the Structure

To the right of the screen is the workplane to the left is the codeblock structure area (I don't know what its called). Above the workplane you can see where you start the code and change the speed of the code. The trash will delete and I think you will be able to get the rest.

Step 3: Structure of Kazzo

Your code blocks should be in the same form as the ones in the picture above, and when you place a code block down always play it to make sure nothing happened that shouldn't always make sure to play the code after every code block you place. Until the work plane looks the as the one in the picture above.

Step 4: Hollowing the Kazoo

Now this does not look like the kazoo yet, it looks like a club with a nail in it. To hollow the kazoo out look at the image above. and add the codeblock to the bottom of your current code blocks. Remember to run the code every time you put a new codeblock down.

Step 5: Finishing

Now you need to add color on create group change the color to your choice and add move Z: -14.3 then your screen should look something like the image above

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