Introduction: Keep It Simple Game Toss

This is a tossing game that I really enjoy for the variation, simplicity and the use of colorful objects makes it engaging for the whole family.

A variety of different objects are safely thrown some distance. The goal is to try and get your object as close as possible to the main target. This game requires you to think about how to adjust your throw based on different shaped and weights of objects, weather conditions and terrain.

It can be as simple as tossing socks in your living room or grabbing some sports equipment and going to an empty field or going all out with really funky stuff that can be safely thrown.

Step 1: Setup

1) Find a wide open space. (Beach, park, stadium, basketball court, empty parking lot, gym, living room...)

2) Gather objects to toss that won't break or cause problems. The whole point of the game is that all the objects are different and require a modification to the toss.

Examples include

balls (tennis, golf, baseball, whiffle, beachball, volleyball, football, basketball, marble, rolled up socks...

Flat objects - Frisbee, hula hoop, aluminum pan, bean bags, paper plate, boomerang,

Stick-shaped - sticks, pens / pencils, fork, spoon, old toothbrush, pool noodles

Irregular shaped objects: Action Figures, bean bag animals, water bottles, paper airplanes, tupperware, weird shaped stuffed socks

Objects that have something that moves inside - balloon filled with half water and half air, water balloon, Objects made of ice...

Heavy / Light objects...

Big / small objects...

Step 2: Play

One player tosses an object in any direction and everyone tries to get their object as close as possible to that object.

This is a great game for all skill levels. Ideally the weakest person should toss the target object so that everyone can reach the target. For young kids I enjoy presenting them with their favorite toys such as colorful balls, action figures, animal shaped objects, things that they already play with.

Variation: Add a target such as bucket, hula hoop, empty aluminum can, water balloon, something that lights up or makes a sound when hit...

Variation: Use a launcher (catapult, racket, golf club, baseball bat, slingshot, lacross stick, objects on a string...)

Variation: Add a little difficulty (throw the items backward, under the leg, create an obstacle such as a wall)

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