Keep Pegboard Hooks From Falling Out, How to Quickly Secure Any Pegboard Hook With a Paperclip

Introduction: Keep Pegboard Hooks From Falling Out, How to Quickly Secure Any Pegboard Hook With a Paperclip

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I was really tired of pegboard hooks falling out every time I took a tool off the wall a little too quickly or at the wrong angle. After a little thought into what I could do to fix this, I came up with this quick and easy hack using paper clips. I hope this will be of good use to you and saves you much headache like it did me.

Watch the video to learn the hack quickly.

Using a paper clip is the cheapest, quickest, and possibly the easiest way to lock/secure any pegboard hook from falling out.

Most store bought pegboard-hook-locks take up two adjacent holes and are comparably more expensive when compared to paper clips. This hack allows pegboard hooks to be placed from left-to-right right next to each other.


medium sized paperclips (about 1" long)

pliers (optional)

Step 1: The Multiple Pegboard Hook Types

Any type of hook can be locked with a paper clip and all it requires is:

  • 1. a paper clip that is about the same length as the distance between the pegboard holes
  • 2. a vacant hole beneath the pegboard hook that one is trying to secure
  • 3. some clearance behind the pegboard so paper clip can be inserted into the pegboard hole without hitting a wall.

Most pegboard hooks come in an assortment kit. I ordered the pegboard hooks from left to right the hooks least likely to fall out to most likely when removing a tool. I found that the hooks which don't have the second pin protrusion fall out very easily.

This hack will be able to lock any type of pegboard hook using the same technique.

Step 2: Preparing the Paper Clip

Start by taking a paper clip and bending the inner lobe outwards by 90 degrees.

The paper clip will make an "L" shape and look something like the picture above.

Step 3: Prepping Paper Clip Part 2

The paper clip has a larger outer lobe and a smaller inner lobe. Once the paper clip has been bent 90 degrees. Bend and flare out the smaller in lobe. The inner lobe should now look like a "V" shape. This is the lobe that will go into the pegboard hole and hook the back of the pegboard. The other larger lobe of the paper clip will hook onto the pegboard hook that is to be secured.

Step 4: Place Pegboard Hook to Desired Location on Pegboard and Add Paper Clip

Insert Pegboard Hook to the desired location, you will need at least one vacant hole beneath the pegboard hook you are trying to secure.

Place the bent paperclip so the large lobe of the hooks the pegboard hook and so the smaller lobe of the paperclip points towards the pegboard.

Push the smaller lobe into the hole below the pegboard hook until the paper clip "clicks" in.

The pegboard hook is now locked.

Step 5: Removing or Adjusting the Pegboard Hook

Should you need to remove the pegboard hook to move it to a new location, you can remove the paper clip lock easily by pulling it out with a pair of pliers (or by hand).

Move the hook to a new location, and adjust the paper clip so the smaller lobe looks like a "V". Then reinsert the paper clip using previous steps to lock the hook.

Step 6: Adding Additional Locking Force to the Pegboard Hooks

If you find a single paper clip does not provide enough locking force you desire, a second paper clip can be added to the exact same hole of the first paper clip to double the force.

You can also tighten the paper clip using pliers by pulling and twisting the larger lobe of the paper clip around the pegboard hook.

Now that the pegboard hook is locked, you can hang your tools.

Step 7: Locking Other Pegboard Hook Types

To lock other pegboard hook types, it is the same exact procedure. Simply two or more paper clips are used.

For example, the loop type pegboard hooks would require one paper clip for each arm that goes into the pegboard.

Step 8: Enjoy Storing and Using Tools From Your Pegboard!

Now that all your pegboard hooks are locked securely and very cheaply, you won't ever have to worry about those pegboard hooks from flying off again.

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    I just found this… first off thank you! Second, I couldn’t stop laughing at the video!🤣👌🏽