Introduction: Keep Your Comfy Clodhoppers!

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Once they are broken in, Doc Martens are the comfiest boots on the planet. In fact, the older they get, the more slipper-like they become. They are probably the only shoes that increase in value as they age.

But Doc Martens with zips have an achilles heel: the rippling of the leather causes the teeth of the zip to break, rendering your footwear perfectly useless. This means that not only do you have to buy a new pair of Docs, but also, you will have to spend a good part of the next year breaking them in, as they munch on your ankles and drain your first-aid kit of sticking plasters. Blisters galore!

This simple Instructable explains how you can avoid all this by fixing your zipped Doc Martens. Rejoice! You can save yourself months of pain and a good few pennies using this cheap fix.

Step 1: Examine Your Zip

So, you have a pair of Doc Marten boots with fully functional laces, but a broken zip.

If the damage is minor, you will be able to fix the zip using a pair of narrow-nosed pliers shown in this YouTube video.

But, particularly if you have already mended them like this before, the day will come when the zip loses a tooth or simply won't sit straight.

If your zip is well and truly mangled, you will need to remove a few teeth with the pliers to be able to press the zip back together. These means you will be left with some gaps. These gaps will need to be covered up with something smooth, flexible and strong.

This is where you need to get some matching Sugru.

Step 2: Time to Squeeze

Making sure all the surfaces (and your hands) are both clean and dry, open the packet of Sugru and squeeze a piece between your fingers until it is soft and malleable, like plastercine.

If Sugru doesn't make the exact colour of your boots, blend different colours together to make a perfect match.

Press the Sugru around the gaps (in front and behind) and smooth the surface with your fingers.

Step 3: And Finally....

Wait 24 hrs and you're done.

Hurrah! You have fully-functioning boots and no blisters.

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