Introduction: Keep Kitchen Sponges Free of Bacteria

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It is important to keep our family save from any type of danger that our loved ones come in contact with. Keeping our kitchens clean and the extra steps that can save our familes from dangerous bacterial infections is just another way to keep them safe.

Some of the most dangerous bacteria thrive in warm moist environments, such as kitchen sponges which makes it harder to disinfect them. When we use dirty sponges we transfer these bacteria from one surface to another causing cross contamination through out the kitchen.

It is important that we keep our utensils, counter tops, everything we touch and our hands clean to avoid cross contamination.

I will do another instructabable that is more detailed about kitchen contamination soon.

Step 1: Keeping Your Kitchen Sponges Clean

After using your kitchen sponges do not wash them in the washing machines or dishwasher. First use a small amount of dish soap and wash and rinse the sponges. Second put them in your microwave for 1 minute; turn them over and heat for another minute. Be very careful they will be hot, I use a pair of tongs or a clothes pin to flip mine.

This action will kill any bacteria living on and in the sponges.

Step 2: Dry Your Sponges

After microwaving (carefully remove the sponges the same way you turned them over) hang up your sponges to dry, or place one in one of these suction cup sponge holders. I got this one years ago for about $.50. I am sure you can find them anywhere that carries kitchen wares or on line. Another way is to turn over your dish drying rack and place them on that. Any thing that allows air flow around the entire sponge will work.

I have made a small drying line across my rolling pin shelf, when the sponges are dry (they dry in several hours, I hang them up overnight) they are ready to use again. When I am done with the string I just remove it until ready to use again.

By washing your sponges this way they last longer, smell better, they no long harbor bacteria, and are safer for your family.