Introduction: Keeping Pet Snails @ Home

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Sick of your boring old pet?

Want a new exciting pet?

What about a snail?

Step 1: Housing & Substrate

A good sized tank is a 20 liters (5 gallons). I would suggest having one garden snail per 4 liters (1 gallon).

For the substrate i have used bird grit as it will give the snails calcium. This can be found at your local bulk food store or pet shop. If you choose another substrate it would be a good idea to provide another source of calcium such as a cuttle fish bone or crushed eggshells.

other substrates you can use:
Aquarium gravel
Peat moss
And soil

Make sure you wash it well first.

Step 2: Decorations

I have added Bark, Rock and pots to replicate a garden.

What ever you use make sure you wash it first.

Step 3: Finding & Choosing Your Specimens

A good time to find snails is early morning or at night. You are most likley to find them in early summer. Choose active and healthy looking snails.

Step 4: Other General Care Tips

~ Mist the cage daily.

~ Provide fresh greens daily.

~ Clean the tank weekly.

~ Move/change the decorations once in a while to allow more places to explore.

Step 5: Thanks for Reading

Please comment and add suggestions so i can improve on my work.