Keeping Up Appearances With Chindogu

Introduction: Keeping Up Appearances With Chindogu

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Ah yes...Chindogu. I've heard, seen and read of many ideas like this in fact I've even read a book on it. Chindogu ideas are ones that make you laugh, make you go mad and the craziest solution to simple problems we as the human race or maybe not even the human race...perhaps you could be reading this as an alien. But whatever you are, whoever you are, here goes my Chindogu idea.

 This idea derived from all those girls and woman I saw that would somehow dig into their purse or even their backpack to go and retrieve a mirror to go and see if their appearance was okay. However, the tragedy of life is that we all have lots of stuff in our (not that I have one or anything) purses and backpacks (which I do have in case you are wondering.) 

Despite the fact that I pictured it with a less feminine hat, this was designed for the women. I just didn't have the time to go and scrounge one up from my house.

Well with the new Keeping Up Appearances hat those problems are now solved! Instead of the need to go scrounging around in your purse or even backpack all you have to do is look in the mirror right in front of your eyes! Now you will have no problem in knowing whether or not you look the way you want to look. Also I didn't mention it above but with this hat you no longer need to worry about rushing to the nearest bathroom either to go and make sure that your make-up was applied evenly or similar.

P.S. It is not suggested that you use this device when walking in order to avoid other people and or stationary objects to save your head from any unnecessary bruises.

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