Keeping the Towel on the Chair

Introduction: Keeping the Towel on the Chair

Mum had always thought to keep the office chairs clean by putting towels on them. but i had always had the trouble of them sliding down off the back from repeated sittings and the towel would then get caught in the wheels, which i would then have to try to fix... and i didnt want to get up. i did give up, but recently i got an idea.

Step 1: Towel

find a towel about the right size and tie the corners together, as though you are going to start to tie a bow.

Step 2: Tailing

A tailing is something used to keep something in place which is taking all the load. the first step was taking the load, now fold the ends into a V shape, put one within the other and keep together with a (preferably large) clothes peg or maybe a pin.

Step 3: Place on the Chair

Put it on, tuck the peg in and you are done!
you can vote if you like it ;)

yes i have tried it by sitting on the towel so it pulls on the back, its so strong that it pulled the back down (dont use towels that are falling apart!).
further mods could be to tie the bottom down so it doesnt slide forward, but thats for another day.

Update: i tried to coax it to come off by not adjusting it, (which is bad for posture!) and eventually one side got pulled more than the other and one side came off.
can be used on car seats as well

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    great idea. I went to the thrift store and bought a large mens sweat shirt, turned it inside out, tied the sleeves into knots and slipped it over the back of the chair. Easy to clean and comfortable if your not wearing a shirt while at the computer