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This is a Keepsake Box I made for My Wife for One of her Birthday's. It was made with pine off cuts I had around the Workshop.

Step 1: Build Process

It was a simple build type box Using 45 degree cuts on the corners of the box and a rebate at the bottom where the plywood slid in at the gluing stage.

Step 2: Decoration

The top was decorated with some leftover beach Biscuits from a previous routing job. I took each biscuit and drawn the parts I wanted to carve out. I took my Dremel tool with a disc cutter then a cone shaped stone bit and carved into the biscuits till I had the look I wanted. After this was finished I then took a small square of teak I had and proceeded to shape that with the Dremel to make the centre bud and then randomly drilled holes here and there. I then made the top corners from pine cut to 45 degree and sanded and mounted to the top.

After all the carving and sanding I assembled it all with glue and pin tacks.

The finishing part I used my Mini Blow torch and did a random scorch pattern all over the box then I used several coats of dark Oak stain and let it sit for around ten Mins and took a soft cotton cloth and gave it a wipe over to even the stain. I then proceeded to give it a finishing wax. I used a briwax that had a dark Oak stain in it. I coated the box twice then when dry I gave it a good buffing

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