Introduction: Kendama Hanger

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This hanger was made out of necessity:

Before, the kendama would stand on my shelf, but continually fell over. Then the holes in my door grabbed my attention: Light Bulb! And the rest is history...

History conveniently documented for you! This is as easy as you can get, and dirt cheap to boot!

One thing to note, my holes were just waiting for a purpose. You may not have any wasted holes. In that case, you can always make some!

On to the instructions! :D

Step 1: Materials

You almost certainly have these materials laying around your home:

  • A kendama to display on your hanger
  • A paperclip NOTE: make sure it is smooth, and does not have the corrugations on it! The smooth paperclips can withstand bending much better then the corrugated ones.
  • Pliers to bend the paperclip
  • A hole! My hole was just waiting there for a purpose, but if need-be you can drill a hole. My hole was about a 5/32" in size.

Now that you have all your supplies, its on to the making!

Step 2: Bending the Paperclip

Grab your pliers and paper clip and lets get bending!

  1. Bend the paperclip in half
  2. Bend the folded part of the paperclip at about the 1/2" point at a 90 degree angle
  3. 1/4" away from your last bend, add another 90 degree bend in the other direction
  4. About an 1" from your last bend, add another 90 degree bend in the other direction
  5. Bend the tips of the paperclip up at about a 45 degree angle

Thats it! On to the next step!

Step 3: Installing the Paperclip

This step is simple. Simply take your kendama hanger and insert it into the hole. Thats it! You are now ready for the final step. :)

Step 4: Hang Your Kendama!

Congratulations! You have successfully created a simple hanger for your kendama!

To use it, simply place your kendama on the holder.

This is just one way of making a wall hanger for your kendama. Make sure to experiment and share your results!


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