Kenmore Dryer Overhaul for $160

Introduction: Kenmore Dryer Overhaul for $160

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This Instructable will show you how to overhaul your Kenmore/Frigidaire dryer in about two hours for around $160.

My overhaul took ten days, but that was because I kept ordering and fixing one little piece at a time with little resulting improvement in the loud screeching sound coming from the dryer. Three days of that period went toward taking the blower assembly off the motor because I had to borrow tools then find a kind grease monkey to finally cut the stripped nut off the motor shaft and finally remove it.

Now that I know what I know, I can save you 9 days and 22 hours of headache and lost laundry time. Since replacing all the parts (except electrical wires) costs so little, I suggest buying all the following parts before even taking the dryer apart, and just giving it an overhaul. This job is easy once you see it done and follow the appropriate steps.

What to buy:

1. A Frigidaire or Kenmore Dryer Maintenance Kit (comes with belt, pulley, glide strip, and ball bearing).

2. Frigidaire or Kenmore Main Motor for Dryer

3. Blower assembly (or just the fan part)

4. KEY TOOL: 7/8" deep socket wrench (for removing the blower fan from the motor shaft).

You can buy these at Repair Clinic if you know the exact part number. In fact, Repair Clinic has very good videos for all kinds of repairs, but you HAVE to know the exact part number to find the matching video.

I took advantage of Amazon Prime's free two-day shipping and got most of my parts there (which saved a bundle because I ordered everything separately).

You will also need:

* a Philips screw driver

* a pair of locking pliers

* Tension Tamer tea

Step 1: Kenmore Dryer Repair Video

Includes (see the position in the video):

How to replace the belt and pulley on a Kenmore/Frigidaire dryer (1:00)

How to replace the glide strip on a Kenmore/Frigidaire dryer (10:00)

How to grease the ball bearing on a Kenmore dryer (6:30)

How to replace the motor and fan assembly on a Kenmore/Frigidaire dryer (8:00)

Step 2: Related Videos/Instructables

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    8 years ago

    thax alot and thanx for nothing Home Depot. you saved a headache and a wallet ache


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I did find out that you can get floor models at Home Depot at a nice discount, but this way still saves hundreds of dollars. : )


    Reply 6 years ago

    Hello great instructable. Could you tell me the model number of your dryer. I have the same one but the information sticker is missing. Thanks!