Introduction: Kerchief ~ Head Scarf ~ Bandana ~ How to Cover Bad Hair Day

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How to quickly..... add mystery to your style and cover that bad hair day! This one and a copy of my pattern will be for sale at Etsy... as soon as I can get them listed after I do this instructable. See it at

Step 1: After Choosing You Fabric

Cut 1 - 16" Square, of desired fabric.
Line up straight of grain with edges.

Choose something for a ribbon, I used some thin black velvet for this one,
Another choice is to make ties with the same fabric, or bias tape.

Cut 2 - 15" ties from the ribbon.

Step 2: Assembly of Parts Begins.....

First lay the ribbons in two opposite corners .... on the right side of the fabric, with the length of the ribbon on the fabric.

Fold in half making a triangle.

Pin along the two sides you will sew....

Step 3: Sewing and Turning.....

Stitch around... catch the ribbon ends....leaving small gap approximately 3 inches in one side, double stitch at corners to reinforce ties.
Sew using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Trim seams and corners

Turn using the small gap in the stiching...

Close up the gap with hand stiching or machine.


Step 4: Wear With an Air of Mystery...

Only you will know you are sporting this new style because today your hair is Bad!

A fashion statment .... and confidence... abounds!