Introduction: Kerosene to Electric Conversion: Perfection Firelight Night Light

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After the successful Kerosene to Electric Wall Sconce conversion here: we wondered if we could do a decent job of lighting a Perfection Firelight as a night light. We certainly didn't want what you normally see, a standard light bulb plopped into a cobbled mount that ruined the ability to easily revert to Kerosene.

So follow along to see how we got a Firelight to look realistic as a night light.

Step 1: The Lamp Holder

While there are many brands of this type of fixture, we chose the Westinghouse 7023800 4" base here:

Note how it fits up inside the Perfection heat reflector. This is the secret to keeping the lamp centered in the Perfection housing.

Step 2: Measuring the Fitment

You need to determine the distance from the lamp's base to the underside of the chrome ring that sets on top of the heater's base when the heater is closed. That figure determines the dimensions of the lamp bracket you will construct next.

Step 3: Construct the Lamp Bracket

I used scrap 3/4" plywood because it was what I had. Most anything would work. A piece was cut and the lamp base was screwed to it as shown with drywall screws.

Step 4: Measuring the Legs of the Base

Subtract the base thickness from the figure you obtained earlier. This is the length of the base legs

Some wood glue and some more drywall screws assembles the lamp base.

Step 5: Bulb to Socket Adapter

You will need an Intermediate to Medium base socket adapter (E17 to E26) as shown. An example is here:

The bulb we chose to nearly mimic a Kerosene flame is a Christmas C9 light from here:

We used the yellow one.

Step 6: Wire Up the Lamp Base

We chose an extension cord of the correct length for our setup and cut the female end off and wired it to the lamp base with two yellow wire nuts as shown. Run the cord out the slot where the Burner Fount's adjusting knob use to to reside.

Step 7: If You Got Your Measurements Right .....

When the top of the Firelight heater is closed down and locked, the lamp base should be centered and wedged into place.

That is how you make a Perfection Firelight night light that doesn't look like you plopped in a standard light bulb. And the heater can instantly be converted back to a heater by swapping out the light base for the Burner Fount.

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