Introduction: Keurig Cup-o-Noodles

This is something i came up with over a year ago.  Sometimes I made cups of noodles and i know you aren't suppose to microwave them...  all you need is hot water to make it.  All you need is a keurig, water, and a cup of noodles.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools


Cup of noodles



Step 2: Open It Up

Open the lid and leave just a little bit still attached.

Step 3: Fill It Up

Make sure you have water in the Keurig and its warmed up.

Step 4: Keep the Lid Open

Put the Cup-o-noodle in and make sure the lid is open.

Step 5: Hot Water

In the Keurig I have at work the button on the right works best.  Its 10 oz. according to their website. 

Step 6: All Filled Up

If yours starts to fill close to the fill line, you can always turn it off.

Step 7: All Done Enjoy

Just let it sit for a few minutes and enjoy.