Key Hanger

Introduction: Key Hanger

Step 1: Materials

First you will need a board doesn't matter how big but my key at the very end was 19x8in

Second you will need a way to cut the board you can use scroll saw jigsaw or bandsaw you could even use a coping saw

Next you will need a way to sand the board you can sand it any way you want really power sanding is quickest though

You will also need some keys it is best if they all look he same

And some screws to hold in the keys plus a screw driver and a pair of players to bend the keys

Step 2: Plan

On the board you can either draw an old fashioned key or a new type of key I chose the old kind though

Step 3: Cutting

Cut out your shape using any merged you want

Step 4: Sanding

Sand any way you want you could even stain it if you wanted I didn't but I might later

Step 5: Key Bending and Finishing

Using the players bend the keys into hooks BECAREFUL THE KEYS BREAK VERY EASILY I actually broke two keys when doing this step

Now screw in the keys and hang up somewhere

P.S. there are many ways to hang this up use screws
Staples with string attached to them or any other way you can think of

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