Introduction: Key Holder

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This week our project is very very simple, and that is what our channel is about.

Download the free template here

Now you can use any wood you want from ply, to a more exotic woods I simply used pallet wood, which I am unsure what the wood was but it looked nice. Remember the material you use doesn't have to be wood, you could use some coloured acrylic if you so desired to.

I had to glue up a couple of pieces to make the pattern fit, by first cutting a straight edge on the table saw, gluing and clamping. But if you already have a large enough piece then you don't need to worry about this.

Use spray adhesive to stick the template on to your material of choice. Again I had to score around the pattern and trace the image on to the wood because I was out of spray adhesive and the other one I have was clogged :-/ I show how I do and achieve this in the video.

I then cut out the shape on the band saw, and a little section in the letter "K" on the scroll saw. If you don't have a band saw you can certainly use the scroll saw to cut out the entire project, you could use a fine blade on a jigsaw as well or even use a cooping saw if you so want to.

I use the rotary tool to sand around the letters and small files to get into the areas the rotary tool can not get into to smooth over blade marks a soften the edges a little.

I cut a backboard from 10mm play and apply a rosewood stain to give a nice contrast to the white wood. I clamp the holder in place on the backboard and use two screws from the back to hold it in place and I also predrill the holes for the hooks the keys will hang from.

I put a couple of pilot holes in the back board that can be used to screw to the wall. Once stain has died I use spray lacquer to seal it and make the rosewood stain colour pop. :-) Screw in the hooks and you are done, all you have to do now is choose the spot to hang it.

You can easily make this project in a day and if you don't have to do a glue up like I did then it can be done in a couple of hours.