Introduction: Key Holder Using Scrap Wooden Strips

How to make a decorative key holder using wooden strips.

Step 1: Collect Material

Take some wooden strips. I have picked two MDF blocks for side walls.

Prepare MDF or other side wall panels

Cut strips in required length

Step 2: Prepare Back Plate

Glue the back side

Step 3: Prepare Surface

smooth the wooden surface using sand paper

Step 4: Side Walls

Glue side walls and bottom strips to base plate

Step 5: Top Strips

Glue top strips of the box

Step 6: Prepare and Varnish

Polish the final project with clear wood varnish like TouchWood.

If you want you can add some stainer to the varnish to give a different colour to the wood.

Step 7: Varnish

let the varnish dry and apply multiple coats.

Step 8: Decoration

stick some decoration. I have placed a button which has a wooden texture.

Step 9: Pegs

screw the pegs/hooks

Step 10: Finished

mount the holder on wall and put some plant or other decorative items in the box