Key Holder

Introduction: Key Holder

Have you ever wanted to safe money and not have to go out of your way to go buy a key holder. Well here is an easy way for you to do so under $5. All you will need is a small block of wood, paint(optional), nail, wire, hammer, and screw hooks. If you go to Home Depot you can get a small block of wood for free since its just left over wood from what they had cut. If you want wire, nails and screw hooks you can go to Dollar Tree in a supply kit for one dollar all together. The Dollar Store also has a hammer for just one dollar. And finally if you want the optional paint you can get the Apple Barrel brand in any color you want for just $1 at Walmart.

This takes the 3 R's to do. Reduce:limit on resources you use to preserve the environment,like turning of the faucet when it is not being used. Reuse:Taking something old and using again, like taking a finished water bottle and refilling it up instead of throwing it away.Recycle:Breaks down old raw material to make something new out of them, like throwing away paper so it then can be used again. However, this is upcycling which is converting useless daily items into new products that has better environmental value. Recycling is taken something breaking it down then make something new out of it while upcycling is taking something that is already made that is now useless and make it into something that is useful and "new."

Step 1: Step 1

First, if you want to paint you block of wood paint it and then let it dry, but if no you can go on to the next step and take your block of wood, hammer,and nail. Place the nail at least half an inch away from the end of the wood on each side and begin hammering in the nail. Do this three times.

Step 2: Step 2

Flip over the block of wood and on the top of it use the nail to start a hole on each of the wood.(keep in mind to still have at least half an inch a part on all sides.)

Step 3: Step 3

You can now begin placing and screwing on the screw hooks until they are all the way in.

Step 4: Step 4

Finally, use the wire and wrap each end of it to a screw hook and give it the desired length you want it to have. Then you can hang it on your wall and wallah you have a key holder.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done instructable. Good clear steps from beginning to end. Thanks!