Introduction: Key Holding Counter Decoration

This is a small counter decoration that can hold small items or, for my design purposes, a key. It's overall dimensions are 3" high 6" in length and 1" width. The O opens where you can store what you want that fits. The opening is only 1.1" by 2.2" so it is small but good for its original purpose.


Fusion 360

Step 1: Starting the Project

First, for designing purposes, go to document settings and change the unit to inches. (Picture 1) Then select the X and Z plane. (Picture 2)

Create a 3" x 6" box then finish sketch as shown in the third picture.

Extrude the box back 1". Click OK. (Picture 4)

Step 2: The 'H'

To start creating the H, go to the front view and right click. Find the option to create sketch. (Picture 1)

Then you want to make the first 2 lines in the top left corner. One line will go across 0.5" and the other will go down 1.25" as seen in the 2nd picture.

Make another line that is 0.5" across, then up to the top as seen in the 3rd picture. And again at the top make a line 0.5" across then you can make it go all the way to the bottom (3"). (Picture 3)

To finish the H repeat the process on the bottom the dimensions are in the 4th picture.

Step 3: The 'O'


To start the O go to the right side of the H, make a construction line box that is 1.5" long and 3" tall. (Picture 1)

Next you have to make a circle. Find the center point between the construction line and the H. Then make a circle 1.5" in diameter. Dimension it 0.75" from the top to the center of the circle. Do the same with the bottom as seen in the 2nd picture.

Now forget the vertical construction line and replace it with a real line. Then trim the insides of the circles. (Picture 3)

(MOVE ON TO STEP 4 "The 'M' and 'E'" FOR NOW)


Create a sketch on the front view and it should look like picture 4.

Create a construction line box around the perimeter of the 'O'. (Picture 5).

Create a 1.325" diameter circle. From the top construction line to the center point of the circle it should be 0.75". From the side construction line(s) it should also be 0.75". Repeat on the bottom. (Picture 6).

Add lines connecting the outsides of the circles then trim the insides of the circles. (Picture 7).

Finish sketch.


Extrude the inner 'O' -0.3". Click OK. (Picture 8).

Make a new sketch on the inside of the 'O' represented in picture 9.

Make a box on the inside. It should be 1.10" long 2.20" high and should be 0.11" off the closest line as shown in picture 10.

Finish sketch.

Finally, extrude the box back -0.6". Click OK. (Picture 11).


Step 4: The 'M' and 'E'

The 'M'

To start the 'M' you want to make two lines on the top that are 0.5" long and a 0.5" space in between the two. (picture 1).

Now in between the two separate lines from the last step, make diagonal lines that connect at a center point. As seen in the picture, it should be 0.25" from both sides of the lines, it should also go down 0.5". (Picture 2).

Make two more lines on the bottom mirroring the top lines, or two 0.5" lines separated 0.5" space. Make two horizontal lines that go up 2". Finally make two diagonal lines, again, connecting in the middle at 0.25" from both sides and 0.5" from top to center point (not the length of the line) (Picture 3).

The 'E'

To start the 'E' make two lines on the top and bottom that go to the end of the box. (Picture 4).

Now make a line from the top that is 0.5" from the top and 1" long from the end of the box towards the inside of the box. Then make a vertical line that is 0.75" down and then back to the end of the box. (Picture 5).

Finally, as seen in picture 6,created the other two branches of the 'E' 0.5" down and a 0.75" space in between.

Finish sketch.

Step 5: Extrude

Go to "extrude" and click on all the blue highlighted spaces as shown in the first picture.

Extrude all the way through (at least 1"). Click OK. (Picture 2).

Go back to the 'O' or step 3.

Step 6: The Lid/The Last Step

Go to 'construct' and click the first option, offset plane. Click the highlight blue surface as shown in the first picture and offset 0.02". Click OK.

Click the plane. Find the center points and make two 1.315" circles. (Picture 2).

Connect the circles with two lines and then trim. (Picture 3).

Finish sketch. Click on the new part and extrude 0.28". (Picture 4).

The last step is to make your handle. I made mine 0.9" long by 0.2" tall and 0.25" wide. Then I added 0.1" fillets. (Picture 5).


Last Note:

My original design is based off the last picture. I incorporated the 'O' idea with a compartment for a key, or whatever small objects you can fit. I stayed up all night making this, I'm proud of my work, and I hope you enjoy.

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