Introduction: Key Ignition Switch for Dirt Bike

So this switch work like additional kill switch which is constantly pressed and it wont send electricity to the starter when is in off position. When is it in on position will release this additional kill switch and let electricity flow to electric start switch.

I tried to write this that you can do it on any vehicle that has electrical kill switch and optional electric starter. I dont guarantee that this solution is perfect, but increases theft protection if you parked in public space, at least in my opinion.

So this is my little project thru the winter, its 2013 KTM EXC-F 350. I bought the bike in late november and put on couple hours off-roading. It came with off-road tires and almost all parts to make it street legal. To make it street legal i had to put on turn signals, horn and mirrors. I didn't have to put on lights, brake switches and speedometer, because this is street legal model here in EU. For the most people is weird that the bike that cost around 9 grand brand new, doesn't come with any anti theft protections except steering lock. That means that anyone can start your bike up and drive away. I spoke to the dealership and there is no available options to put on key ignition or something. So i looked on internet to find any solution and i didn't found anything that i liked, so i decided to fit on my own key ignition switch.

Ps: Sorry for bad english it's not my mother language.


For this you will need :

-some wires: i used 20 awg from old computer or you can use almost every wire that is around the same thickness

- basic tools: like pliers, screwdrivers, ...

-sloderin iron or some splice wire connectors like : Scotch Lock Wire Connectors and 90° Lock Splice Wire Connector

-cable sleeve: something like this Cable sleeve

-ignition key switch: key switch

I also recomend some electrical tape, zip ties, heat shrink tube if you are soldering and multimeter so you can check your electrical connections.

Step 1: Electrical Wiring

I recommend that you go check if there is available electrical diagram for your model.

Locate the wires that goes to and from kill switch and if you have electric start switch. The switch i used had normally open and normally closed contacts. Green and white are normally closed, red and black are normally open. I connected normally closed contacts parallel to the wires going to and out of kill switch. Normally open contacts are connected in series to one wire of start switch.

Normally closed contact mean that they are connected and electricity can flow thru when the key is in off position, when is the key in on position, they disconnect and electricity can flow thru. Normally open are just inverted from normally closed, so when it's on electricity flows thru and when is off electricity cant flow.

Kill switch send electricity thru when is pressed and that's how it stops engine. So when we are adding key switch parallel its acts like additional kill switch and the bike can't be started electrical or any other way.

Electric start switch send electricity thru when pressed to the relay that turns the starter. So when we add key switch in series we cut the electricity before or after the start switch.

If you can't find the wiring diagram, you can just go and follow the wires coming from the switches, but check which is what and then follow the step above.

Step 2: Location

Decide where you want to put the key switch, i recommend to hide it well, but make it easily accessible for you. i hide my between air filter box and main frame.

You will have to make some kind of holder for the switch to put it in. I 3d printed the compartment for it, but you can make it from anything.

If you want to use my part feel free to take it, but maybe increse hole diameter just for a litle bit, beacuse its very tight and change the mountig hole for your model. Key switch kompartment stl

Step 3: Connecting

And now it's just to connect the wires like i explained in 1. step

When you are wiring it up its better to leave longer cable so if you make a mistake.

Up in the pictures is shown how i conected the wires, but i know it almost imosible to recongnize where are wires going.

Step 4: Finish

This is, all should be working, if not and you have some questions leave them in comments and i will try to help you.

Hope that this will help you some or other way.

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