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Introduction: Key Labels From Plastic Cards

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Modern life gives you hundreds of plastic cards, be it old credit cards, member cards or gift cards ... I have a bunch of unused or old cards here waiting for a new life. Today I needed a key label, so there is new life for a plastic card :)


Plastic card


Sanding paper

Office punch

Step 1: Cut and Sand

Cut a strip from the plastic card, roughly cut the corners and sand them to be nice and round.

Step 2: Punch a Hole

Punch a hole for hanging it on the key chain. I used a standard office puncher which worked quiet well.

Step 3: Label and Use

I labelled it with a classic label maker because I like the look. You might choose a modern one or just use a maker.

Thats it. Simple isnt it?

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    1 year ago

    Nice idea! My partner needs about ten of these labels :D