Introduction: Key Light Switch

Light Switches are everywhere, house , offices, bathrooms,... and everyone must touched the same switch to turn on/off the lights. Few places have switches that don't need to be touch to be used because they are much more expensive. Here, I am offering a cheap and touchless solution.

With this device I tried to achieve two goals:

  1. Do not spread the covid-19 through light switches
  2. Privacy: only certain people (the one with the keys) can use the light switch.

I am 16 years old, I am going to 1º de bachillerato the equivalent to Grade 11.

In this project I am using trigonometry,geometry and a lot of maths in general.


  • 3d Printer
  • PLA
  • 2 Springs (diameter 5mm and 7mm long more or less)

Step 1: Taking Measures & Decorating

WARNING: I design this device taking my own light switch measures, that is a square of more or less 70mm size. If yours is much bigger or smaller I am afraid it won't work in your light switch.

To give it a personal touch I designed the mandala you are seeing in the picture that is a combination of 3 hexagons.

Step 2: Designing

I used 360 fusion to design it.

Step 3: 3D Printing


I am leaving below the .stl files, you can also download it from these link:

Step 4: Assembling It

After assembling it stick it to the wall around the light switch. The border around the light switch must be removed.

And that is it, I hope you have enjoyed it the same I enjoyed doing it. :)

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