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Introduction: Key Ring From Recycled Wood Using Hand Tools

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This is how I make a simple Key Ring or Key Fob from Recycled Wood using Hand Tools.

You will need:

A small piece of wood. The dimensions are not important as you can create many shapes from different sized pieces of wood.

A Pencil. To draw out your design.

A Holding Device. You will need a way to hold or clamp the work while working on it. A vice / vise is ideal, but a small clamp will also work well.

A Shaping Tool. This can be one or more such as a Spokeshave, a Knife, a Rasp, a File or a Handsaw.

A Hand Drill.

A Drill Bit.


A Metal Split Ring.

A way to decorate the Key Ring. This is optional as Wood can make a beautiful item when not decorated. You could paint a design or burn a design using Pyrography.

Step 1: Select Your Wood and Mark Out a Shape

Take a piece of wood. I used a piece of Ash from an old floorboard, but any wood will do.

Sketch out a shape to mark the wood for cutting and shaping.

Step 2: Clamp the Wood and Shape It

I use a vice / vise for holding the wood, but a clamp would work well.

Shape the design by cutting away the waste material. I used a Spokeshave and a Hand Saw for demonstration purposes, but a Carving Knife will work good. Remember to take care when using cutting tools and work safely.

Step 3: Refine the Shape of the Key Ring

Cut the piece of wood to final size and refine the shape using a Rasp or File. Rough Sandpaper of about 60 - 80 Grit will also work.

Step 4: Mark the Position of the Split Ring and Drill a Hole to Mount It

Mark a place that you would like the Split Ring to be mounted and drill a hole.

You will need to use a Drill Bit large enough for the Split Ring to go through easily.

The Split Ring I used for this demonstration is 4mm thick, so I used a 5mm Drill Bit to make the hole.

Step 5: Smooth the Key Ring With Sandpaper and Mount the Split Ring

Use a finer Sandpaper of 150 - 300 Grit to smooth out any marks on the wood.

Mount the Split Ring through the hole that you drilled earlier.

Step 6: Finishing the Key Ring

I coat the wood using Organic Boiled Linseed Oil, but you could leave it unfinished or apply varnish or paint.

I wood burn a design onto the Key Ring, but it will look jsut as good left plain or it can be decorated using paint or other methods.

Be creative with your designs and finish and have fun.

Step 7:

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    4 years ago

    Nice! I've been thinking of making a necklace pendant out of wood - this gives me a lot of good information on how to start! I like the wood covers you made for the jaws of your vise, to protect your project. Great idea. By the way, a "vice" is something criminal or immoral that you do, and a "vise" is a clamping machine.

    Wood Yogi
    Wood Yogi

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you, I'm happy that you found it useful :) I'm from England and the word Vice has a few meanings, one of them is a clamping device. I always try to include American and UK English if possible to help as many people from different English speaking locations to find the project :)


    5 years ago

    Hi there :-)! Very nice project and great instructable. Turned out great! Consider to put this in the pocket size contest maybe?

    Wood Yogi
    Wood Yogi

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you my friend :) I have entered it into the contest :) ॐ