Introduction: Key Sheath

Have you ever wanted to go on a hike and not have to take a big key chain with you but not want to just carry a lose key in your pocket then just look here and you can.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
• 3.5 feet of para cord
• sizzors
• tape of some sort
• card board a piece just big enough to cover the metal part

Step 2: Add Key to Para Cord

Thread the key on to the para cord and then move it to the middle

Step 3: Fold the Ends

Now you have to fold the para cord ends towards the end of the key to make a small loop

Step 4: Start the Cobra Weave

Just start the weave like you would normally but just tie one

Step 5: Add the Card Board

Next we have to add the sheath for the key so we can take the key in and out. So take the card board and wrap it around the metal key part cut off the extra and the tape it tightly to the key so it can slid in and out.

Step 6: Tape the Key

Now we tape the key in the card board to the two strands that will be inside the weave.

Step 7: Finish the Weave

Next finish the cobra weave over the card board all the way to the end of the card board.

Step 8: Tighten the End

Once you get to the end of the card board pull the ends tight tell the card board is all most squeezed closed

Step 9: Your Done

Just add it to your belt loop and your all set to go

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