Key Chain Out of Electronic Board



Introduction: Key Chain Out of Electronic Board

on this Instructable i will show u how o make key chain out of Electronic board from old key board , this chain is just shape it doesn't able to work only if u can light up the LED that i removed and add small lithium battery but sorry because i don't know the connection of circuit for now, so if you want see my other Instructables u can find it at my profile or visit my page on facebook :

Step 1: Tools and Component You Need

tools you need:
Key Ring Components
Alicate turquesa
black ( or any color you want) spray

Step 2: Removing

remove the green layer from the board to show the shiney part of it by using cutter

Step 3: Other Side

our work now is on the second side so we cut part of sticky glued paper to form the shape of the circuit

Step 4: Painting

paint them with spray at the both sides

Step 5: Removing #2

remove the the layer to show the shine layer again and remove the paper ater drying 

Step 6: Finishing It Up

now drill the hole were we put the ring and component , to fix them use Alicate turquesa 

Step 7:

now the both side is done and it is ready to add key so thank u for watching my Instructable and i am sorry or all this steps it just simple but i want to make sure that everyone understand don't forget to see my other Instructable.

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