Introduction: Keyboard Coat Hangar

Keyboard Coat Hangar out of old keys, scrap wood and screws

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies: Plus Safety Glasses

You will need keys; ummm, "old" keys that is. I mean: not your dad's truck keys or keys laying on the kitchen table. "Abandoned" keys, that longer have a purpose... that you will make have a purpose...a purpose that doesn't have anything to do with opening a door....

You will also need a few tools like needle nose pliers, torch, screws, screw driver, awl, heavy leather gloves and safety glasses.

Step 2: Heat and Shape the Hooks

Grab the key at pointy end of the key with needle nose pliers and slowly heat the skinny portion of the key that normally goes in the lock.

Be careful not to heat too much or the key may melt or bend in a weird shape.

I used the concrete to help bend mine to the shape I wanted. I took my time and worked slowly and safely.

Step 3: Decorate Your Wood Base:

I had a lot of scrap wood to choose from but I chose a white board 15.75 inches wide by 5 inches high.

Then it hit me: keys on a board?...key board!...So, I chose to draw a key board on my piece of wood.

(I don't know what a hook board is or how to draw it.)

I drew lines every 1.25 inches along the length of the board to make the ivory keys. I used a black magic marker and square.

Half way down each key, I applied electrical tape to make the black keys. Tape is .75 inches wide.

Step 4: Here's an Example Keyboard

Here's an example keyboard but it's kinda hard to see ... which is how this project got started....

Step 5: Mount the Key Hooks

Important thing about mounting the key hooks is to use the right length screw. Not too long.

Space your hooks as you like, then use an Awl (or an ice pick or pointy nail) to make a starter hole.

Then start the screw and tighten down.

Step 6: Final Product

Final to hang it.

Step 7: Hang Your Keys

There are a lot of ways to mount your keyboard and they depend on what kinda door you have.

Mine was a hollow core door so I used a double sided tape. You could use a couple longer screws and mount it to the door that way. I was going to get longer screws at the hardware store, but, I can't find my keys.

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