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So this Lazy Old Geek (L.O.G.) has back problems. A physical therapist recommended I use office chairs instead of recliners and couches. I decided to make a Keyboard holder for one of my office chairs.

Step 1: KeyboardHolder

How I use it:

Pick up the keyboard assembly, place the right side lower PVC into the chair hole, place the left side PVC into the chair slot. Type away.

List of parts:

¾” PVC

5 ¾” PVC elbows

2 ¾” PVC 'T's

1 1” PVC coupler

¾” piece of aluminum

Sticky back Velcro


Sheet metal screws

Hose clamps

Tie Wraps

2 carabiners

Building the base: I’m not supplying any lengths as they depend on the keyboard size and office chair arm spacing. I glued the rectangular parts. You can use PVC glue, superglue, Gorilla glue, most anything as it doesn’t matter if it’s water tight. I stuck four pieces of Velcro (fuzzy side) onto the bottom of the keyboard lined up with corresponding PVC pipe Velcro (hooks). You’ll notice that the Keyboard seems offset to the right side. This is so the ‘G’ and ‘H’ keys are more or less centered on my body.

For the lower part of the base, I didn’t glue the pieces together. This is for fine tuning. If you need to move the keyboard further out, you can use longer pieces of PVC. Also the tilt of the keyboard is controlled by the two elbows on the right side which are held in place by sheet metal screws.

The heights of the chair hole and chair slot partial determine the height of the keyboard.

The right side chair hole is just a 1” PVC coupler so the ¾” keyboard assembly PVC will slide right in. The coupler is held to the arm with a hose clamp.

The left side chair slot is a bent piece of aluminum. I used a screw and some tie wraps to hold it in place. It’s not very strong but does the job. The ugly stuff on top is Gorilla tape to cushion it.

When not in use I store my keyboard on the keyboard mount on a leg of my computer table. The mount is just a couple of sawed off carabiners attached with a hose clamp.

Over all works pretty good.

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