Keyboard Key Shortcuts WINDOWS

Introduction: Keyboard Key Shortcuts WINDOWS

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NOTICE: Some shortcuts won't work on specific versions of computers!

Yes! You can try them here!

Windows key + tab = scroll through all pages open

Windows key + tab + alt = scroll through pages open and stay on them

Ctrl + tab = a way to scroll through tabs

Alt + tab = another way to scroll through all pages open

Alt + tab + Ctrl=scroll through pages open and stay on them

Ctrl + Alt + Down Key= Turn page upside down

Ctrl + Alt + Right Key=Turn page right

Ctrl + Alt + Left Key=Turn page left

Ctrl + Alt + Up key=Turn page normal again

Shift x 5= Sticky keys option

Ctrl + scroll up=zoom in

(on google chrome)Ctrl+Shift+I=Inspect Element

(on google chrome)Ctrl+Shift+N=New incognito page

(on google chrome)Ctrl+N=New page

(on google chrome)Ctrl+T=New tab

(on google chrome)Ctrl+Z=Undo

(on google chrome)Ctrl+Shift+z=Redo

(on google chrome)Ctrl+U=View Source

(on google chrome)Ctrl+S=Save/Save as

(on google chrome)Ctrl+V=Paste

(on google chrome)Ctrl+Shift+V=Paste as plain text

(on google chrome)Ctrl+C=Copy

(on google chrome)Ctrl+A=Highlight everything

(on google chrome)Ctrl+R=Reload

(on google chrome)Ctrl+X=Cut



Ctrl+W=Exit out of page

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