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Here's an awesome keyboard prank to pull on your friend. You need:

-Your friend's Windows computer (with keyboard)

This prank makes it impossible to type anything, unless you hold each key for about 3 seconds. It's very simple to do, and no software download is required.

Step 1: Get Your Friend's Computer.

The first step is to get access to your friend's computer. You can make up some sort of excuse, or, you can combine this prank with another one of my instructables HERE:

which tells you how to control someone's computer remotely. I suggest combining both instructables.

Anyway, once you've gotten access to your friend's computer... go to step 2.

Step 2: Open Control Panel

On your friend's computer, open control panel.

Near the bottom right, click 'Ease of Access'.

Step 3: Ease of Access

Click 'Change how your keyboard works'.

Step 4: Final Step

Chekmark the box saying 'Turn on Filter Keys', then push 'Apply'.

Now, it will be basically impossible for your friend to type anything, unless they have have the patience to wait 3 seconds every time they try to type a letter.


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