Introduction: Keyboard IPod Dock (with Video!)

We all have had those days: they days where, no matter what, you can't seem to find your iPod's USB cable. Usually this magically seems to happen exactly when you are rushing out the door soon and really want that one song transferred to your iPod. This is an easy solution to the problem of lost/tangled/annoying iPod cables once and for all. And the good thing is it only takes 10 minutes, and just a few tools!

For all looking for the vid, it is the last step. Good luck!

Step 1: Parts/Tools Needed


Keyboard. That you wont mind taking apart and hacking at with a dremel.

iPod USB cable. Try for a newer one that is small and doesnt require you to manually press in the sides for iPod removal.

Optional: USB cable extender. Good if your iPod cable is shorter.


Dremel (or dremel knock off) with a cutting tip

X-acto knife or other small blade

Hot glue gun (or other means of sticking things together)

Optional: Drill or drill press with a variety of brill bit sizes. Can make your finished dock look prettier :)

Step 2: Destroy the Cable!

The first thing you need to do is take your cable and.... take it apart. If you are using an Apple cable, it should have a seam between the connector and the side. You need to take your X-acto knife blade and pry into there. Wiggle the knife back and forth and try to get the little plastic thing to pop up. Take it out. Next, try to remove the plastic sleeve off the cable. Try pressing up the cable from the back of it. It might or might not give. If not, you can try cutting the plastic off with a dremel.

Step 3: Take Apart Your Keyboard

Self explanatory. Make note of where all the screws are and how to get it back together :)
Look for a spot the cable would fit with out much squeezing. For me I could fit it above the PCB with a lot of squeezing, but i could get it back together.

Step 4: Cut Your Keyboard

Next you need you cut your keyboard. I recommended putting some tape over where you are going to cut the hole, so if you accidentally bump the dremel, all the plastic doesnt get scratched. I also reccomend tracing out what the cable looks like so you can get a guess as to how much to cut out. Drilling holes at the very ends of the oval shape of the cable will help make cutting easier, as well as making it look better. Get out your dremel and start cutting!
Also I hope to add a video to the last step of this 'ible to help make things clearer, as well as providing more detail. Stay tuned!

Step 5: Test to Make Sure Your Cable Fits Through

Pretty much what the title says. It helps to see if your iPod can plug in all the way. Try tilting your ipod back a little, as it looks better (or at least it does to me).

Step 6: Hot Glue

Fire up a hot glue gun or similar, and glue your connector in. Make sure it is oriented the right direction and is at the right angle! Then you are finished building

Step 7: Put Your Keyboard Back Together

Put your keyboard back together and make sure everything fits. Plug it into your computer and test it out (both the keyboard and the dock). For me the keyboard didnt work. But that could be because I got it at the thrift store for $2.50 and I didnt test it beforehand :)

Step 8: Video

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