Introduction: Keychain Magnifying Glass & Pocket Sized Schedule

For those of us without smartphones, or who prefer not use them, or perhaps have a schedule, (or other information they would like to reference), this nifty keychain is a fun solution! Personally, I use mine to look up MARC trains to shuttle between Baltimore and DC on the wing of my fancy. 

Step 1: You Will Need:

For this project you will need:
  1. A small magnifying glass. ( Mine already had a hole, but I'm sure those handy with a drill could easily create one)
  2. A small box or container with a lid. (Mine is a small plastic box but you could also consider empty film canisters, vitamin or spice bottles, etc-- the smaller, the better.)
  3. A key ring
  4. Tacky glue
  5. A schedule or other info you would like to put in the box. Try to print it as small as you can, it can be just smaller than you are comfortable reading because you will have a magnifying glass!

Step 2: Measuring

The trickiest bit about this whole project is getting that piece of paper into that tiny box. To Help with this-- measure your paper, and your box. Trim your paper to be as small as it can be but still hold all the information you need it to.

Step 3: Gluing & Folding

  1. Use the tacky glue to attach the container to the magnifying glass.
  2. Press firmly into place where you want that container to stay.
  3. LET IT DRY! The glue turns clear when it is done drying, mine took overnight.
  4. While it is drying, fold your paper * DO NOT try to put it in the box while the glue is drying, test the size against the lid!
  • I found it easiest to fold it longways first, starting with a fold that was 1/4" shorter than the width of my box. 
  • Then, I folded it shortways, starting with a fold 1/2" shorter than the width of the box. 
  • The photo shows my schedule after I folded it up completely longways, and made the first shortways fold.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once the glue is completely dry and you have folded up your schedule (or whatever you choose), put it in the box, put on the lid, slide on the key ring and you are ready to go!

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