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Introduction: Keychain IPhone Holder

This is an instructable to make a phone holder that can be attached to your keychain with a CNC laser. Although the title says it is designed for iPhones, it can work with almost any smart phone. Bigger phones tend to be a problem as they make it more likely for the phone to fall over, but it should work if you balance it right. The file can be adjusted to make it fit your specific phone or case. I got the idea from aescobar ortega's instructable:

Good luck!

Step 1: The Pieces

The first step is to get the files. You can use my drawings or you can make your own based on them. The product involves three pieces: the base, the large tab, and the small tab. If you want to make your own, my dimensions are shown above. Here are the dxf files for the pieces if you want to download mine (note: to get the files, right click on them and select "save link as" on Firefox and chrome or "save target as" on internet explorer. Once you have downloaded them, you can open them with a CAD program such as AutoCAD)

Step 2: Make the Pieces

I make the pieces using a CNC laser with wood 0.115 in thick. However, I think it would be possible to use other cnc equipment, such as a router, as long as the wood has the correct thickness.

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces

Put the pieces together simply by putting the tabs into the holes in the base and pushing them all the way though. Make sure the widest parts of each tab are on opposite sides of the base (i.e. one is on the bottom and the other is on the top. Also ensure that the large tab is in the slot furthest from the keychain hole; otherwise, it will not stand up properly. Once you have all the pieces together, make sure it works with your phone. If it does, just glue the pieces together with wood glue. If it doesn't, you can adjust the drawings and repeat the process. Do this until you are satisfied with the product.

Step 4: Customize!

At this point, you can adjust any part of the drawing to suit your needs. There's really no limit to what you can do. If you want to add a logo or picture onto the base, feel free to do so by adjusting the power of your laser. Feel free to put ideas in the comments below and inspire others. Happy building!

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