Introduction: Keyholder/mail Holder

This project, made completely out of 2x4s can be made by anyone with basic woodworking experience.


Step 1: Assembling the Panelboard

First, I took a 2x4 and set the blade on the table saw a little past halfway up the middle of the 2x4, not cutting through it all at once, i then flipped it over and cut the other side making 1x4s. I repeated this process a couple more times. Using wood glue i glued them together and used a clamp to make sure there is no gaps in between the 1x4s.

Step 2: Cutting the “pie” Peices

set your 1x4 on the miter saw and set the miter angle at 15 degrees (move the miter adjustor to the right until it points to 15 as shown in the picture)
Once you have made the cut, simply flip the board over, set the miter angle at 0 like shown in the picture and you will have another pie peice!

Step 3: Cutting the Side Block Peices

for this, i took a 2x4 and cut half an inch off using a miter saw

Step 4: Assembling the Basket and Shelf

For assembling the basket, i put the pie pieces 9 inches up from the bottom of the backboard. i put the side block pieces right on top of the pie pieces and wood glued them together. please wait 24 hours for it to be done.After that put the two pieces of 2x4 you cut in half and put it across and wood glue those. make sure to clamp these down to ensure it does glue the whole thing

Step 5: Sanding

starting with 60 grit, sand everything from front to back to get rid of any bumps/ irregular marks. then moving up to 150 grit start smoothing it out, go up to 220 grit and work up to how smooth you want it.

Step 6: Torching

make sure the wood that is on here is already smooth from last step, then lightly torch the wood. don’t get to close to the wood because you don’t want to burn it much, just point it about 3-4 inches from the surface of the wood. make sure you make it even on all of the surface and edges.

Step 7: Adding the Hooks

for these hooks, i spaced them in between where the 1x4 back board breaks in between, you can add more hooks to put more stuff on the back board just make sure they are evenly spaced out and then your'e finished!