Introduction: Keypad and SMS Based Dual Door Lock System

Dual password lock system is designed to open lock via Keypad when available at home and via SMS when away from home in case the guest arises

The SMS feature also provide the availability to change password.

Step 1: Video for Easy Implementation

It will show the password and how we can change the password

Step 2: List of Components

With Quantity

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

along with name of component and connection

Step 4: CODE

Embedded C operated in Keil uvision software

Step 5: 1) Lock System

It can be designed used metallic with magnetic lock in actual door.

Here i have used a box which is connected to a 12v DC geared motor having 60 rpm. It is rotated clock wise or anti clockwise to close or open the door. The motor is being controlled by L293D ic which is known as motor driver IC.

Step 6: 2) Keypad Section

This section contains 10 switches numbering 0 to 9

Whenever the switch is being pressed logic "0" is being transmitted to the controller section to know whether the switch is being pressed or not.

Step 7: 3) GSM Modem

It is used to provide the SMS facility to the system as we are using dual facility for password using keypad and SMS

The SMS facility also provide us the option of changing the password as this option is not added in keypad

Step 8: 4) Power Supply

This unit provides power to the complete section which is designed using 12-0-12 transformer and rectifier section and capacitor 1000uf and regulator 7805

Step 9: 5) IC Section

Containing the IC of controller, EEPROM and motor driver

It is used to

  1. Store password
  2. Display on LCD whether correct or wrong password
  3. Verification of password
  4. For storing new password
  5. Verification of SMS
  6. Controlling of motor

Step 10: 6) Display Section

LCD 16x2 is used for displaying

  • Whether sms is received or not
  • Received sms is correct or not
  • Whether password is correct or not
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