Introduction: Keytool - 5 Tools in Your Pocket!

The Keytool is a 5 keyholder with 5 everyday tools for everyone!

I know, ''another keyholder?'' stick with me, this one is more than meets the eye.

Check out the video above to see the 5 uses of the keytool!

The keytool:

  • Holds your keys so no more looking for the right one
  • Holds an USB so you always carry your data with you
  • Has a small ruler for the quick measurements
  • Is usable a a docking device for your phone so you can see all your incoming messages or watch your videos!
  • Has a beer opener because we all need to crack open a cold one with the boys
  • Is 3D printable in only 1 hour!

Step 1: List of Tools:

For this project you will need:

1. The 3 parts of the keytool

These are very easy to 3D print in a short time! Don't have a 3D printer? Google Fablab or Makerspace to find a 3D printer free to use nearby! (this is free!)

I only have 2 keys but you can add as many as you like, just make sure that you take some longer bolts if you have many keys

3. An USB

The USB is optional but it helps for docking your phone, you can also use another style of usb as long as it fits around a bolt. I got the following usb:

For this model you also need to use a small ring so the usb fits right on the bolt, this is included in the files.

4. 2 M6 countersunk bolts

I got them 20 mm long but it depends on how many keys you want to put in. If you have more keys then I recommend chosing longer bolts.

5. 4 m6 hex nuts

Step 2: Produce the Three Parts

For 3D printing use the following STL's.

I recommend printing with PLA on 0.2 to 0.1 layer height. but any other settings should work as well.

Keep in mind that the ruler will come out better with lower layer height.

Step 3: Push the Nuts in One Side of the Keytool

These should fit tightly so they wont fall out.

Step 4: Push the 2 Bolts in the Other Part of the Keytool

This is not the same part as the one we just pushed the nuts into.

Step 5: Put Your First Key on the Bolt As Displayed

If you have more keys than put half of your total amount of keys on the bolt.

Step 6: Put the USB Ring and the USB on the Bolt

Make sure to first put the ring on and then the USB.

Its important to put the USB in the middle of the bolt because the USB is used as the docking station for your phone.

Step 7: Put Your Other Key(s) on the Bolt

Pretty self explaining.

Step 8: Put 2 Nuts on the Other Bolt

These will make sure the parts wont move on the bolt.

Step 9: Put the Other Half on the Keytool and You're Finished!

Make sure to secure it thight but not too thight, the keys have to move smooth but the sub needs to stay in any position you put it.

Step 10: Vote for Me in Instructables Pocket Contest and Please Add a Picture of Your Keytool!

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