Introduction: Khal Drogo Game of Thrones Costume


With Ren Fest 2k17 approaching my father needed a costume. It's always hard to find a heat sensitive costume to wear because the renaissance time period strongly prefers everyone to be fully clothed, so I turned to GOT for inspiration. Eventually we decided that Khal Drogo would be the best costume I could make in a short period of time. This costume is not an exact replica because I wasn't through in planning it, but it works.

This build cost about $90 dollars to make, and took about 20 hours.

Step 1: Materials

- Leather ( I used about 12 square feet)

- Synthetic hair

- Waxed thread

- Hot glue

- Graments

- Cow hide

- Leather punches

Step 2: Patterns, and Leather

To begin with, I sketched out a rough design of how I wanted the costume to look, I took the measurements, so I knew the scale of every thing. I drew out the pieces onto freezer paper (newspaper works just as well), traced them onto leather, and cut them out.

Step 3: Center Sun

The middle three leather ovals have these patterns that kind of look like suns (five episodes into watching GOT I realized that the front isn't the only part of the costume that has this design, and hence my costume was inaccurate.) I punched out the holes to weave the leather into with a 3/16 inch leather bunch, the center hole was punched with 3/8 inch hole punch. I also punched eight holes for the leather stitching (it's easier to show than tell for this step so look at the pictures)

I cut a thin strip of leather about 3 feet long and weaved it through the holes to make the sun pattern. Then I used another strip of leather to stitch the leather ovals together (pic 5).

Step 4: More Leather Stuff

I cut out 1 inch strips from the leather, and weaved them through holes I cut in the leather pieces (just look at pic 4). I used waxed thread to sew the ends of the strips together (pic 3) so the costume wouldn't fall apart. If you don't want to add a corset back, you could just tie these strips together in the back.

I made a little button latch out of a leather strip and a button and sewed it onto the leather. These latches can hold tankards or coin purses.

I used my grament machine to make a corset back.

Step 5: The Hair of Fallen Enemys.

I took strands of synthetic hairs, and glued them to a leather strip. I folded the leather strip so that one part glued the hair in place and the other part could be strung onto a belt. A visual made from a napkin (pic 5). I forgot to add pic on this part, but I strung a string through the hair pieces, and I also strung pieces of cow hide onto the string as well.

Step 6: Gauntlet

I cut a trapezoid shaped piece out of leather. I glued strips of leather to the gauntlet vertically.

My leather is crudely painted brown btw.

I glued a misshapen strip of leather to the top of the gauntlet (pic 3)

I placed dots where I wanted my graments to go, and used my grament machine to put them in.

The other gauntlet is made from a scrap piece of two punch leather, that I just wrap some strings around.

Step 7: All Done!

What a great fest, and a great build!

Khal Drogo Horse Belt

Remember to wear sunscreen kids!

If you have any question feel free to comment below or message me :)

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