Kick Butt Cardboard Pet House (Easy-Hard Up to You)




Introduction: Kick Butt Cardboard Pet House (Easy-Hard Up to You)

Does your pet LOVE cardboard boxes?? tired of seeing a ugly cardboard box laying around?  lets turn it into a awesome house that you'll enjoy to look at and be proud of showing it off to your friends, 

- Cardboard box 
- Painters/Paper Tape 
- Paint
- Knife
**optional plastic fruit container**

Step one 
The Roof, part 1... Take the card board box and make sure one side is taped the other is open. on the open side take two of the ends of the flaps to and connect them (if you have to take a piece of cardboard to extend the top so it comes to a point that you like.. or can make the house a flat top all up to you and your likes)

Step Two 
The Roof, part 2....The other two flaps you will cut in a shape of a triangle with the same angles as your "roof top"  (if a flat top take the inside flaps to the top ones) tape the triangle flaps to the roof top so its connects resembling a standard house.

Step Three 
The Door... Take one side where you would like to put in a door (the door can be any shape or style you would like) ** i would draw the door before you cut it out*** cut the door out and tape the edges of the cuts to prevent any cardboard cuts (ouch).

Step Four
The Window...  again you will design the type of window you would like and proceed to cut it out make sure to again tape the edges of the cuts to prevent any cardboard cuts for you or your pet.

Step Five**optional**  
Skylight Window.... copy the shape of the plastic fruit container and cut out, place the container in side the cut so it sits as a window tightly fitted and tape the container in ..

There you go know you have a awesome kick butt cardboard house that will be decorative and that your pet will enjoy immensely. so go get to work change that ugly box it to something beautiful.. Be creative and if you aren't creative just do what you want. enjoy and good luck id love to see your new pet house that you created send a pic throw the comments and show off your creations =)

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