Introduction: Awesome Looking FAN HEATER Cover Up for Under5$ OMG

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Step 1: Getting Started:Materials

  Most of the materials can be found at home there are a couple of things I left out in the picture so be sure to read this list first before starting

:Ceramic bowl-BIG BIG one
:Sheet of wood or sheet of metalmake sure its easy to cut i chose this cardboard like wood nice and floppy wood was'nt a good idea because it might go on fire so try to use metal. 
:Plastic or metal pipes. 
:Measuring tape, drill, saw, ruler,clamp,screw driver and pencil
:Delta sander if you have one
or sand paper
:Screws and nuts & bolts
:Plank of wood doesnt have to be new try looking in a skip or something
make sure its bigger then ceramic bowl
:6 small L shape brakets

Step 2: Find Suitable Place

 We want to be able to have an escape for the smoke, without making a hole in the roof so I found a spot in my attic beside the chimney.

Hover your mouse over the image

Step 3:

 Lets get started with your sheet of metal
Cut your material according to the dimensions given on the picture.

Step 4: Dimensions

Get same sheet of material and cut the dimensions as shown there is a lot of cutting so that why thin floppy easy to cut wood is better[ metal sheets are better than the wooden ones because it does not go on fire. But still wooden sheets works for me].Now cut out the pieces of wood according to the measurements as shown.

Step 5: More Dimensions

 Place your 22cm by 22.5cm square onto the middle triangle on step three then draw your line as shown in the picture. 

Step 6: And Even More Dimensions

 Hover your mouse over the picture. Cut a vertical line from the corners of the hollow triangle formed in the picture from the previous step. Results should look like a hollow rectangle. 

Step 7: Wall Framing

 Get your drill and drill two holes starting on the wood beam once you have worked your way through the wood drill through the masonery. When you are finished that get two long screws [the longer the better] and screw them into the wall its ok if they stick out a bit. Do this again on the left hand side with 22cm from the very edge of the left wooden beam to the very edge of the right wooden beam. Make sure that the tops of the pillars line up. This part is crucial because it supports the whole thing.If you are using a wooden sheet, please make sure this is not to close to your designated place of where the fire is going to be.Because it will get set alight. But those using metal don't worry about this.


Step 8: Sides

 Get your 11.25cm by 22cm sheet of material that you cutted out in step 4 and screw it on either side of the beam it should fit perfectly covering the whole beam.

Step 9: Instaling the Front Part 1

 Get a strip of wood or metal the same size as the one that was screwed onto the wall in step7, and clamp it onto the edge of the strip of wood that was just fixed onto the pillar,on the previous step look at the picture for reference. Then fix it on tight with a screw. Do the same on the otherside. 

Step 10: Installin the Front Part 2

Get your 22cm by 22.5cm sheet cuted out in step 4 and secure it into the front with four screws make sure it looks nice.

Step 11: Sides

 At an approximate 82 degree angle fix a braket beside the box and place an other one 40cm away from that one at the same angle.

Step 12: More Sides

 Get your right triangle from step 3 and place it on top of the two L shape brakets. Then secure the board with four bolts. [small ones, smaller the better] Do same with other side

Step 13: Front

 Get two more L shape brakets then secure them underneath the face of the square box, that has been set on the wall. See picture for reference. But I only used one try use two.

Step 14: Front Part 2

 Get your middle triangle from step 3 and attach it with 4 nuts & bolts, on the shorter side.

Step 15: Lid

 On the left hand side do the same as you did in step 11 & 12.

 On the top fit rectangle piece of material 11.25cm by 22cm then secure with 4 screws.

Step 16: Secure

 Get the small triangles that were cutted out in step 5&6 then clamp it underneath the between the two flaps.then drill two small holes through the two layers then secure with a small nut&bolt. 

Step 17: Seal

 Now you obviously dont want your fire place to be faulty, by having smoke coming out of the gaps so seal of all edges with sealent. I used no more nails [you can use some other one if you want to] I also taped sticky tape underneath all the gaps so when the sealent is squirted between the gaps it won't start falling out of place.
  After the sealent has dried use your sand paper or delta sander to sand down the edges.

Step 18: Pipes

 Now you need to connect the pipe to the chimney. I used metal/plastic ones. 
 First you drill three large holes on the top and do the same with the pipe cut your pipe the correct size that fits you the best then connect the pipe to the chimney or escape but don't forget to drill the hole in the chimney. The pipes are held down onto the fire place by ''no more nails'' well you can use an other sealent or bolts if you want to. The pipe was connected to the chimney in the same way. But don't forget to seal of one end of the pipe or else the smoke will start escaping through there. 


Step 19: Multifunction

 Spray your fire place top or paint it with whatever colour you like i used silver.

Well those who are wondering how it can be used as a cover for a fan heater. This is how. You do all the previous steps except the pipe connecting ones. Get your fan heater place it inside the ceramic bowl then make a sort of tripod over it with sticks then place a weak light bulb inside the tripod along with the fan heater.

 Outdoor fire & barbeque: get the ceramic bowl set your fire inside. Then roast your food over it. The reason I chose a ceramic bowl was because its easily washable and does not look ugly and can be brought back into the house to be used as a firplace again.

 You can boil your water on top of the fireplace by using a sheet of metal then cuting
4 , 6 , 8 , 10 , 12  square holes into the metal you will then be suprised by the effect of the fire [ It looks really cool ]. Now you can also boil water and cook food.

Step 20: The End

                                                 Sit down and enjoy the fire 

           Thanks everone for looking at my first instructable please rate, subscribe and give me some feed back, so it might encourage me to write a make an other one.

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I will soon published a new instructable on how to make Banksy templates even the coloured ones. Also how to make your own
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