Introduction: Kicksled Attachment for Downhill Skis

This instructable shows you how to simply turn your downhill skis into a kicksled.  The kicksled attachment snaps into the ski bindings just like ski boots.  I was inspired by my Quick dog sled instructable and the butt board instructable.  I have entered this in the Snow Contest so please give me a good rating if you like the project.

I used three 1"x3”x96" utility grade pine ($1.47 ea.) for the instructable.  Better quality lumber would make a fancier sled.  A salvaged hardwood pallet would be perfect for this project.

The tools used for the project were:
Tape measure, Jig saw, hand saw, rasp, hole saw, and a drill with countersink bit & screwdriver bit.

I pre-drilled and countersunk all of the screw holes and used deck and drywall screws to secure everything.

Step 1: Turn Your Downhill Skis Into a Kicksled

The first thing to do is trace the soles of your ski boots onto pieces of wood.
Cut out with a jigsaw or handsaw.  Fine tune with a rasp or belt sander.  I used a rasp.

Insert these pieces into the ski bindings and snap down.  Fine tune the fit using height adjustment screws on bindings for an exact fit.

Step 2:

Determine how wide you want to make the sled and cut a piece of wood.
I wanted 14” between the skis so cut I two boards 19” long. (this may vary with skis used)

The last one I cut 21” long adding a board thickness on either end. This allows the braces to attach directly to the handle uprights.

Screw the spreader boards squarely onto the foot pieces.  Use the tape measure to keep things even.

Step 3: Attach Handle and Braces

Cut two 36" handle uprights (1"x3"x36")

Use a hole saw to cut out holes for the handle evenly in the top of the uprights. 

Drill countersunk pilot holes for handle upright, one into the foot piece and one into the crossmember. 

Attach the handle uprights using 2 1/4" drywall screws.  Do the other side the same way.

Use a piece of 1"X3" wood and eyeball the position of the braces.  Use a pencil and mark the cuts for the braces.  Cut the braces with jigsaw or handsaw.  Drill holes for braces and screw them on.

You should be able to spread the uprights enough to insert the handle.  I used a piece of a tree limb for my handle as it was a little thicker that a dowel and predrilled a hole through the upright and into the handle to secure it.  I had to shape the branch with the rasp to get a better fit in the round hole.

I then added cross braces to prevent lateral movement of the uprights.

This make a very lightweight kicksled that works really well on packed trails.  I have used it around 10 times so far and everything has held together good. I didn't use glue but that would problably make it a bit sturdier.

I also screwed on a couple of reflectors to give it some visibility during our dark Alaskan nights.

To remove the kicksled attachment and use the skis just release the bindings.  I have a bunch of old skis so I dedicated a pair to the kicksled.

Please offer in comments that you feel will improve the project.

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