Introduction: Kid Desk (height Adjustable)

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I design this table for my 4 year-old kid and I hope he can use it for a long while. The height can be adjusted from 13in.-27in. (33cm-68cm). It has a tilt top which is more ergonomic for writing and reading. It also has a compartment to store toys and crayons.

I don't have many tools for woodworking. I built this with those basic tools that everyone has at home. A miter saw, a drill and the simplest Kreg tool. so don't be worry about tool. Go ahead and build a table that grows with your kid.




  • miter saw
  • drill
  • Kreg pocket hole jig
  • ruler
  • sander (optional)

Step 1: Get the Table Sides Cut

First I made the table side from the 3.5x19inches pieces. The table sides are two identical pieces to connect the table to the height adjustable frame. They are also important for the tilt angle of the table top. After getting the correct dimensions you will need to drill holes and put the inserts to attach to the table frame.

You need to mark the drill holes acording to the drawing of table side. The size of the holes depends on the size of wood inserts you use, here I have the 1/4 insert and the drill holes is about 9mm.

You can use those holes to clamp them together for the identical cut for the tilt angle.

Then you can remove the clamp and install the wood inserts.

Step 2: Drill Kreg Holes

Using Kreg pocket hole jig to drill holes on the table back, table side and table legs. You will need 10 for table back, 1 for each table side, 2 for table front and 4 for each table leg short. For attaching the table back to table top 2 , I made holes every 6 inches

Step 3: Assemble the Table Top and the Storage

Attach the table back and 2 pieces of table side using Kreg screws. Turn them over and attach them to the table top 1

Step 4: Assemble Table Base for Storage

Turn the table over and nail the table base in. You can use a marking gauge to mark the nail spots.

Step 5: Add the Tilt Table Top

Turn it back and adding the table top 1 with hinges. Depend on the hinges you use, leave enough gap for the top to be open

Step 6: Drill Holes on the Table Frame

We need to drill a set of holes on the table frame for mounting the table top. This is an important step. Make sure that you drill the holes at the correct position otherwise you won't be able to mount the table later. To be precise, I drilled them two at a time, the ones in the opposite of the frames.

Step 7: Assemble the Table Frame

Use Kreg screws to assemble 2 table frames. Each frame needs 2 table legs and 2 table leg short

Step 8: Stain or Varnish (optional)

Remove the table top from the hinges. Sanding and apply coating layer as you wish. This is the result after 3 layers of polyurethane.

Step 9: Assemble the Table

Assemble the table as the height you prefer. You can add some bumpers so the table top won't bang everytime your kid closes it.

Happy making.

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