Introduction: Kid-Safe Wall-Mounted Hooks

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There has to be a better place for all these shoes than the floor! Again, my wife gets credit for this inspiration and for finding these plastic baskets at the dollar store. She asked if I could hang them up on the wall of the boys' room. Since they will be at eye-level (for little eyes) I wanted to make sure the hooks wouldn't hurt when somebody crashes into them. This design uses big round discs as hooks for the basket handles. After a few weeks of use, the baskets get taken down occasionally by our youngest, but for the most part, they work great. This design was very easy to make with few tools, inexpensive material, and little skill required.

Step 1: Materials

Feel free to adjust the sizes of everything to suit the baskets you are using, the space you have to hang them, and the material you have on hand, but here is what I used:

19mm x 64mm x 610mm (3/4" x 2.5" x 24") poplar board for the base

19mm x 64mm x 80mm (3/4" x 2.5" x ~3" ) more poplar for the smaller diameter wheels

10mm (3/8") plywood (approx 130mm x 200mm, or 5" x 8") for the larger diameter wheels

(3) M6 x 45mm (~1/4" x 1.75") countersunk machine screws

(3) 6mm (1/4") washers

(3) M6 (1/4") nuts

paint - I prefer gloss enamel spray paint

Step 2: Tools

  • Hole Saw Set

  • Power Drill

  • Sand Paper

  • Center Punch

  • Sanding Block

  • 6mm (1/4") drill bit

  • 15mm (1/2") drill bit, spade bit, or forstner bit

  • Socket wrench

  • Screwdriver (to match the machine screws, e.g. phillips or hex, as needed)

  • Tape Measure or carpenter's square

  • Pencil
  • mitre saw

Step 3: Cut Out the Pieces

Practice woodworking safety! For some tips on working with tools, check out this article.

I have attached two sheets of drawings with the dimensions I used in millimeters and inches. The two sheets are also included in .pdf format for sharper printing.

Use a mitre saw for cutting the base to length.

See my previous instructable for more detailed instructions on cutting the wheels with a hole saw.

Use sand paper to slightly round all the sharp edges and to remove any saw marks.

Step 4: Drill the Holes

Mark the hole locations with a pencil and your tape measure or carpenter's square. Dimple the holes with a punch or nail to keep the drill point from walking. I used a drill press, but if you don't have one, see my previous instructable for drilling perpendicular holes with a hand-held power drill.

Step 5: Paint

I recommend a high gloss enamel for durability and to resist getting dingy. I painted the parts separately prior to assembly.

Step 6: Assemble

As shown in the drawings attached earlier, the machine screws go first through the large diameter wheels, then the smaller diameter wheels, then through the outer and center holes of the base. In the couterbores on the backside of the base, add the washers and nuts.

Step 7: Mount to the Wall

Locate the hanger where you want it, then mark the two remaining holes onto the wall underneath with a pencil. If there is a stud underneath, use suitable wood screws to mount the hanger. Otherwise, to mount in drywall, drill the recommended hole size for the anchors you choose to use, install the anchors and mount the hanger on the wall with the corresponding screws.

Step 8: P.S.

Another way to do this would be to glue everything together with dowels instead of machine screws. In that case, you would omit the counterbore in the back and the countersink on the wheel. After gluing everything together, you could sand the dowels flush with the wheels, then paint the whole thing.

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