Kid-Sized Construction Kit, Additions

Introduction: Kid-Sized Construction Kit, Additions

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Several year’s ago I submitted an Instructable, the “Kid-Size Construction Kit from PVC Pipe”, a very educational toy and fun for kiddos -- far better than using smart phones and social media all day long. (My grand daughter at 3 can do the simpler projects with some help -- but she’s exceptional.) The original Instructable has been very popular. Here I go a step further with it -- I’ve added some more pieces and a manual with many new structures to build. If you have already assembled “The Kid-Sized Construction Kit”, you are in for an easy ride. If you haven’t done that one yet, do it first; this one is only an addendum to that first one. Here is the link:

Step 1: The Additions

These minor additions will allow for many more construction projects:
10X 45° Angle slip-joints (“Vs”)

2X Additional slip-T-joints (“Ts”)

12X Tubing pieces (5 ½” lengths of ½” PVC pipe; the PVC pipe is available at any good hardware store; one 10’ piece will be plenty)

14X 1 ¾” “Pegs” (½” PVC pipe)

Miscellaneous sizes of breathable covers (e.g. sheets, blankets, blankies, dish towels)

~4X Plastic clamps (big enough for the ½“ tubing pieces plus cover; e.g. large clamps for potato chip bags)

Step 2: Cutting the Pipe Segments

You cut these as you did for the original Kid Sized Construction Kid. Refer to those instructions.

Step 3: Additional Pages for the Manual

Here are some addition projects for you to try. The 24-page manual is provided in both in Word and PDF format. Several pages are shown. The Manual is in pictorial form, so even non-readers can use it. … Or make your own creations. If you object to guns, simply discard the last three pages of the manual. My son’s first “gun” was a dolphin squirting device. (I was trying to shield him from guns.) The second was a broken, realistic-looking dart gun. (I had given him 25 cents to spend however he wanted at a neighborhood garage sale.) The guns here don’t look anything like real weapons, and they are fun and easy to make.

The additional plans include several new boxes/houses, tents, a church, some “teddy bear playground equipment” (not for kids to climb on), various vehicles (including some Star Wars® jets), … and guns. These new projects have been enabled by using the new pieces included in this Instructable. Warning: some of these are pretty difficult!

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