Kids Christmas Indoor Window Garden

Introduction: Kids Christmas Indoor Window Garden

It that time of year to exchange presents. But what can the kids get for Mum and Grandma ?

How about home window garden!


  • Small clay pots
  • 8mm Square Section Hardwood Timber in 600mm Length
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Soil and seeds
  • White tile

Step 1: Step 1: Make the Base

The base is made of strips of wood.

Each base is made of two end pieces and four connecting strips. All made with the 8mm Square Section Hardwood Timber.

End Pieces

Made of three small strips. One 7.6 cm long and two strips of 6, the longer strip sandwiched between the shorter strips.

Step 2: Step 2: Paint Pots

Next step is to paint the pots with acrylic paints. Cover everything with news paper and have some fun on a rainy Sunday morning.

Step 3: Painting (more)

It has gone all quiet - concentrating while painting.

Step 4: ​Add Base

Next glue the base to a nice white tile.

Step 5: ​Pots in Place

Add pots to the base...

Step 6: Step 4: Fill With Soil

Add Soil.....

Step 7: Step 5: Add Seeds

Add seeds and labels.

Step 8: Step 6: Labels

Adding labels - concentrate.

Step 9: Step 7: Watering

Yep - add water

Step 10: Allow to Grow

Add water and wait....

Step 11: More Growing

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