Introduction: Kids Craft Table

This craft table is a project that can be made with a limited number of tools and materials. Please watch the video, it'll help you with the rest of the Instructable

Step 1: Materials:

Sheet of 3/4" plywood

8' 2x4

scrap approximately 1 x 1-1/2 x 24" - A 1" x 2" board if you don't have any scrap

2" screws

1-1/4" screws

Wood glue

Step 2: Tools Needed:

Circular Saw


Chalk Line


Tape Measure

Speed Square

Carpenter's Square

Palm Sander

Jig Saw

drill bit and countersink

proper driver for your screw head


Miter Saw


Sliding T-Bevel

Impact Driver

Trim Router - 1/4" roundover bit

Step 3: Make the Legs

You can use a miter saw to cut a 22.5 degree bevel on each end of the leg. The distance from the long point to the bottom of the next angle is 21"

If you don't have a miter saw, use a speed square to layout the angles and a circular saw to cut the 2x4.

Four legs are required

Step 4: Cut the Top

Using a circular saw, cut the top out of 3/4" plywood - 24"x40"

Layout your measurements with a tape measure and then use a chalk box to snap the lines

Step 5: Cut the Supports

You'll need 2 supports. Each of them are 4"x20"

Step 6: Find the Center of the Supports & Attach the Legs

Find the center of the supports

Drill pilot holes for attaching the legs

Attach the legs. Align the centerline of the leg along the centerline of the support. The points should touch in the center of the support

Step 7: Create the Leg Assembly

Cut the shelf brackets from scrap or a 1"x2"

Attach with glue and screws 9" down from the support

Use a carpenters square to line up the centers

Step 8: Make & Attach the Shelf

Cut the shelf out of the remaining plywood to 12"x29"

Use either a sander or router to ease the long edges to prevent sharp edges.

Use 2" screws to attach the shelf to the leg assemblies.

Step 9: Finish the Top

Use a paint can (or other round object) to mark a radius on each corner of the top so kids don't injure themselves if they run into it.

Use a jig saw (a coping saw would work too) to cut the radi

Sand the corners to blend them into the edges of the top

round over the top and bottom edge of the top with either a sander or router

Step 10: Attach the Top to the Leg Assembly

Center the leg assembly on the bottom of the top.

Attach the the leg assembly using 1-1/4" screws

Step 11: Finish

Sand the table and paint with latex paint of your choice.

Apply one coat, allow it to dry and then sand with 120 sandpaper

Apply a final coat of paint